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Agape Do Karate is an outreach ministry that serves the Lowcountry by providing authentic JKA style karate in a Christ centered environment. Our standards are high, but we offer an equal measure of support and encouragement to insure your personal goals are met. 

We meet at Sunrise Presbyterian Church... Just a short drive over the IOP Connector and across Breeches Inlet  onto Sullivan's Island. Training takes place in the fellowship hall overlooking the beach and the inter-coastal waterway. Agape Do Karate is the oldest and most authentic Shotokan karate program in the Lowcountry and we invite you to experience why we are called the Lowcountry's Dojo.


To seek the perfection of our character

To be faithful, sincere, truthful, and genuine

To endeavor, pursuing the will to stay strong and give our best

To respect others and always show courtesy

To refrain from violent behavior by controlling our emotions and avoiding foolhardiness 



Kihon is a Japanese term referring to the basic techniques that form the foundation of karate. The practice and mastery of kihon is essential to all advanced training.


Kata is a Japanese term referring to a detailed pattern of technique that helps the practitioner perfect kihon through movement, breathing, and muscle memory.


Kumite is a Japanese term referring to the application of kihon and kata with a partner, developing one's ability to judge distance, assess an opponent, and develop timing.


MONDAY     6pm-7pm

THURSDAY 6pm-7pm


Sunrise Presbyterian Church - 3222 Middle Street, Sullivan's Island, SC 29482